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Not familiar with Office 365?

Office 365 is a platform built for small and large companies. It offers a wide variety of applications, so you can choose to implement the most fitted for your company. You will see the value of Office 365 lies in the efficiency of communication, collaboration and productivity.

Office 365 has more than 20 applications, but here are the most popular ones:

  • Mail – get rid of your email server and get a huge amount of email storage
  • OneDrive – open and share your files everywhere, from any device
  • SharePoint – Collaborate, share and organize information within your department, project or initiatives
  • Yammer – social network for your company
  • Skype for Business – connect with your colleagues or external partner using instant messaging, voice and/or video calls
  • Delve – easy way to track all information you exchange with your peers
  • Planner – an exciting and new way of organizing your individual tasks, in groups or in projects
  • Teams – improve collaboration and communication
  • PowerApps – make mobile PowerApps without developer skills
  • Forms – create quick and easy surveys an polls
  • And includes all Office applications such as: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Team4Talent is teaming up with Semasu, a partnership that handles our expert advice service.
Who is Semasu? Semasu is a team of talented Office 365 business specialists delivering exclusively Office 365 Services.
For many years they have supported companies in building collaborative and communitive environments using Office 365. They strongly believe that aligning your companies needs and goals with Office 365 will enable your employees to be fully engaged, work smarter and have more time to focus on what really matters for them.

You can use the different services provided by Semasu to make Office 365 a success within your company. Semasu follows up changes and new functionalities daily to incorporate these in their adoption process to support, inform and guide their customers.

Want to try out this new partnership?

Our Office 365 / SharePoint services:

  1. Expert Consultancy:
    If you are new to Office 365 or already running SharePoint on-premises and you need help suited for your challenges, we can help you. Together we set up a plan that fits the needs of your company and roll out this incredible platform to get you started. This includes ownership from our side, implementation, positioning, user acceptance and more across our areas of expertise.
  2. Expert Advice:
    If you are already using Office 365 and your users need advice in, for example, establishing a new SharePoint site, manage security in applications or have a complete new business need and don’t know where to start. We advise on any question that any of your end user might have and even resolve it for them. We use a credit system which allows you to receive advice from our Office 365 experts.

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