Office 365

Hire our specialists to introduce you to Microsoft’s world of creation, communication, and collaboration.

We can increase your Office’s productivity

Our consultants can help you set up a new Office365 environment, or if you already have a license: we can improve your existing environment. We will help you choose the right package to fit your company’s needs. This is done based on an analysis of your current situation and business needs.

  • How do you manage your data?
  • Which Office license do you have and need?
  • What is your situation regarding mail hosting?

Afterwards, our consultants will set up a plan to migrate or upgrade your current environment to Office365. We’ll also teach you and the other users how to use it.

  • Store and back up your data in Azure
  • Manage your Microsoft licensing
  • How to share documents and collaborate through Office365 apps, resulting in a higher productivity and efficiency
  • Keep security and GDPR in mind

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