Code Sourcery

[kəʊd ˈsɔːsəri] – The fine art of making Microsoft .NET coders work like powerful magicians.


With offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, Team4Talent trains and supports talented developers so they can create Microsoft .NET solutions for clients with complex IT environments.

  • Full stack developer


    • Javascript
    • React (alternatief Angular & Vue)
    • Statemanagement: Flux / Redux
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • Node.js: Express.js
    • PostgreSQL, Redis, Rabbit MQ, Microservices
    • Elastic Search
    • Elixir (optioneel)
    • C#: Core, Xamarin
    • Docker
    • Atlassian applicaties (Jira,..)
    • Scrum
    • Unit- & integration testing
    • Antwerpen
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Work Hard.

We use special forces to help large companies with complicated .NET challenges

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Play is the highest form of research.
It is also what keeps us sane.

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